Does It Work? Shampoo Review Series: EVA NYC

Hair care is a major part of our everyday lives, but using the same product over and over again isn’t going to produce great results. Sometimes a switch in our daily routines might just be the boost  to give our main accessory some life.

In order to give our hair that much needed boost of life, a haircut is the occasional go to option as it gets rid of dry and damaged ends. Sure a haircut is one way to go, but so is the occasional switch-a-roo in what you use to wash your hair for a fresh take and a brand new look.

In the first of an ongoing shampoo series, I recently tested out the Eva NYC Clean It up shampoo. As someone who recently had a case of dandruff, I was on the look out for something that could take care of it and not dry out my hair in the process. Upon looking up a variety of shampoos, Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo seemed like the answer to the dandruff crisis. After previously trying out other products that didn’t remove the dandruff or just made the situation worse, the Eva NYC Clean It Up shampoo was put to the test, but did it really work?

In order to get a verdict on the Eva NYC Clean It Up shampoo, I put it to the test and made a decision if this shampoo was a win after three uses. I guess you can say if it was three strikes, than it was definitely an out — out of my hair care routine. Now did this shampoo pass the test?

According to the label on the bottle, “The Clean It Up Shampoo gently cleanses, restores and nourishes hair. Argan Oil feeds hair with vitamins and nutrients, while Keravis Protein gives hair renewed vitality and strength. The result is healthy, soft and smooth hair.”

With a promise like that listed on the bottle, how could I pass this shampoo when I’m going through a hair crisis?

After suffering from dandruff and greasy hair from using a different hair product and added stress to make things worse, my dandruff situation was getting out of control. While trying to get a hand on the situation, it was time to see how clean the Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo would leave my hair and if it lived up to its promise on the label.

Upon making the change in my hair care, I decided to just use the shampoo without any other product to follow up, in order to get a good feeling on the shampoo and to see the results. Eva NYC does recommend pairing the shampoo with their conditioner or hair mask, but this test was shampoo only.

Within the first use there was a noticeable with my hair. After the required rinse, lather, repeat, when it came time to brushing my hair, it was easier to separate and brush it out. Even before brushing it, while trying to towel dry my hair, it appeared more hydrated and would not tangle up. Normally when I have dandruff, after a wash, I notice it just by brushing and separating my hair into sections. After my first was with the Clean It Up Shampoo, I definitely notice less dandruff than what I started with.

To get a more accurate result and to see if the shampoo nourished my hair, I left my hair to dry out naturally and without the use of a blowdryer. In the end my hair was not frizzy or poofy, considering the humidity outside.  The greaseness was gone and my hair was left with a natural shine.

When it came time for wash number two, the shampoo provided similar results. During the second time around, it actually removed more dandruff that had appeared before the last use and my hair was much cleaner, without any signs of dandruff on sight. Once again my hair was easy to brush through and left to dry out naturally.

As I had an event to go to when I used the Clean It Up shampoo the second time, it was easier to style my hair. The style also remained throughout the day. As the time went on since the second use, my hair maintain its cleanness and easiness to style.

During the third try, the shampoo just made my hair a lot smoother and was easy to comb through, even by using just my fingers. My hair felt as healthy as it could be, and the shine that it was giving off right after the wash was incredible. By the third wash, no signs of dandruff were visible.

From the time I had started to use the shampoo until the third wash, a change was noticeable and I could see the improvements. I’ve tried other products in the past that during their first use, they would provide a change in my hair but wouldn’t demonstrate the same results in future uses. With the heat and humidity increasing and leaving my hair to naturally dry, the nourishment from the Clean It Up Shampoo had been doing its purpose, as my hair did not dry out at all.

Final verdict on the Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo: It’s a win and a must have within your beauty essentials.  This product just gave my hair new life and the results were noticeable after each use. Not only did I see the product work and do its purpose of “Clean It Up”, but I would notice a change after each wash. My hair just became smoother, nourished, and refreshed. My hair reached the point of being at its best when it just became easier to comb through, even with just my fingers. My hair goes through a lot and regardless of how I style it, somehow it would get tangled, but with this shampoo, it definitely improved that.

When I started to use this product my hair was dried out, greasy, and full of dandruff, and after three uses, the feeling I have after running my fingers through my hair is the same feeling one usually has after a fresh new hair cut. For just the shampoo on its own to give those results, it is a keeper.


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