Beauty Essentials For Summer Skin Care

It’s getting hot, hot, hot, and that means it’s time to moisturize and keep hydrated. With the increase in temperatures and exposure to the sun, the chances for dry skin and chap lips are at an all time high, okay maybe not that high.

Meanwhile summer is the time to work on that tan and to enjoy the outdoors, skin care is key. In order to avoid any harm from those UV rays from the sun, some essential items in your bag can keep your skin nice and fresh.

One main essential that everyone needs to carry in their bag regardless of their choice in outdoor activities is sunscreen. Whether you’re going to spend a couple of minutes or a few hours outdoors, always protect your skin from those sunrays. One sunscreen that has worked wonders for me is Tarte Cosmetics Tarteguard sunscreen. The Tarteguard sunscreen lotion is SPF 30 and it does not carry a heavy scent. When applying the Tarteguard sunscreen, your hands won’t feel as sticky as other sunscreen products when applying.

Tarte does recommend applying the sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure and to reapply at least every two hours. As someone who spends a lot of time at the racetrack during the summer, this sunscreen has helped me and I’ve avoid any major sunburns at the track by using the Tarteguard sunscreen.

Continuing on the topic of skincare, whether you’re playing on doing a full face of make up or keeping it natural during the summer, always moisturize your skin. In order to keep a healthy and hydrated face I use Benefit’s Ultra Radiance facial re-hydrating mist. This can be used in the morning or before adding your usual makeup routine.

This hydrating spray not only as a summer essential but it can also be used year-round.


After using Benefit’s Ultra Radiance facial re-hydrating mist, I use Benefit’s Total Moisture facial cream to keep my face moisturized and smooth for the day. The facial cream even helps set my skin before I do a full face of makeup. This facial cream can also be used by itself, if you prefer to keep a natural look throughout the summer. This face cream can even be helpful at night during your skincare routine after you have removed any makeup and after washing your face from a long day out in the sun.

Just like the hydrating facial mist, Benefit’s facial cream can also be used all year long.

Continuing on facial skin care, another area to care for during the summer are the lips. Just like the winter, your lips can get chapped. In the summer, all the heat and humidity can take a toll on your lips. In order to keep your lips nice and fresh and plumped, a good lip scrub can be your lips’ new best friend. One lip scrub that is edible, vegan, cruelty-free and summer ready is the new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Raspberry Sucker Velour lip scrub. Not only does this lip scrub help get your lips to that fresh clean feeling, but it will leave your lips smelling sweet and delicious as you care for them.

By just applying the lip scrub onto your lips and rubbing it in circular motions, it helps remove all of the dead skin from your lips. After applying, you can just remove the lip scrub and any rubbish it helped remove from your lips with a tissue. This lip scrub can also come in handy if your using matte lipsticks during your daily routine this summer.

Something else that can help keep those lips hydrated through the summer is the Tarte  Quench Lip Rescue from Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea collection. Instead of going for a regular lip balm, the Tarte Quench lip rescue adds color to your lips and moisturizes them as soon as you apply.

While all of these items help address key areas in your skincare routine, the best part of it all is that they can all fit in your bag while you are on the go this summer. Don’t let the hot, sticky, humid weather put a kink in your summer plans, but most of all, don’t let it stop you from feeling fabulous this summer.




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