Summer Storage Haul at the Target Dollarspot

Organizing all of your makeup and beauty accessories can be a hassle, especially if your glam room is filled and over crowded. There are ways to organize all of your beauty must haves, like lipstick towers or brush holders, but sometimes those organizers can be expensive or over your budget.

As a way to organize all of my beauty products and accessories, I have found a couple of items that can fulfill the purpose of helping me organize and save some money.

One store that I like to go to and find some budget friendly products, is at Target. Inside of Target is the Bullseye’s Playground section (aka the Dollar spot) that features various products for under $10. During a recent trip to Target I found some stuff that answer all of my organizing needs and even some decor to my beauty room.


First up is the clear makeup storage stand. This stand can hold up to 12 lipsticks in their slots. There are three other slots to store more lipsticks, glosses and even mascaras at the top of the stand. On the left side of the stand you can even store more lipsticks or other items such as foundation bottles. This stand goes for $3.



Also available within the dollar spot was a metal wire wastebasket. There were various colors available, but I went with the pink one. While the basket is considered a wastebasket, I decided to give it a different use instead of using it as a trash can. This basket can be used to store your scarves or even socks. Another way you can use the basket is to store any clutches or makeup bags, but there are other ways to organize those too. The wire wastebasket goes for $5.


As most of the items available at the Dollar spot are back to school items or college dorm accessories, one item that I found was the metal letter holder. This item is also available in a variety of colors and it has to sections. While it s a letter holder, I found an alternative use for it. If you are looking for a way to store some of your eye shadow palettes, face palettes or even lipstick palettes, this may be useful for you. The letter holder goes for $3.

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Some other finds include some storage bins, and the best part I was able to find bins in different sizes. This storage bins are fabric bins and also come in a variety of colors. Since the theme of my beauty room is pink, all of the bins I picked up were of the same color. These storage bins are available in small, medium and large. I plan to use these for face towels, makeup bags, and smaller accessories. The small bins actually come in a pack of two and go for $3. The medium size bin goes for $3 and the large size bin goes for $5.

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Continuing on the topic of storage bins, I also found a plastic storage bin. I picked up this bin to place all of my skin care products, such as face wash. They are available in different colors and sizes, but I pick up the smaller bin and it goes for $3.





While this item might not be considered storage, but it was another find during my trip to the dollar spot, was a battery operate LED lamp. This desk lamp can also function by USB cord. It can be used for a desk area, but if you’re looking for a strong bright lamp to help you in your glam room, this is quick solution. The lamp is available in different colors and sales for $5.


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