Maybelline Creates Its Own Rainbow with latest Highlighters

It seems as if the Summer of 2017 has become the summer of unicorns and rainbows. Over the season many brands have done their take on the latest phenomenon and the latest to have their take on it has been Maybelline, with the release of their latest highlighters.

Maybelline’s latest products — the Master Fairy Highlight — are packaged to resemble rainbow highlighters and are available in two different shades. The first shade, number 100 is a full rainbow highlighter, as it features pink, yellow, blue and purple shades on the pan. The second is shade number 200 — listed as an Ulta exclusive purple highlighter on Maybelline’s website—  features four different purples.

The Illuminating powders are made to create a magical glow, according to the packaging on the highlighters. The highlighters come in a compact pan that has a mirror and a sponge.

A side by side comparison pf the rainbow highlighters. On the left is Wet n Wild’s Rainbow Glow highlighter in shade Unicorn Glow. On the right is Maybelline’s Master Fairy Highlight in Rainbow.

Comparing the highlighters — just by appearance and packaging– they look similar to the Rainbow  highlighters that Wet n Wild released earlier in the summer. At least Maybelline’s rainbow highlight looks similar to Wet n Wild’s Unicorn glow highlighter from the Unicorn Glow summer collection. Both highlighters feature the same colors on the pan, with the exception of the color green, which is featured on Wet n Wild’s Unicorn Glow highlighter.

Maybelline’s exclusive purple highlighter stands out on its own, in the comparison to the Wet n Wild’s last highlighter collection, as Wet n Wild did not feature a purple highlighter in their Unicorn Glow Rainbow highlighter set.

Swatches of the highlighters. Maybelline Master Fairy highlight in Purple is the first one swatched up top. Maybelline Master Fairy Highlight in Rainbow swatched in the middle. Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow highlighter swatched on the bottom.

When it comes to the swatches of the rainbow highlighters,  the Maybelline and Wet n Wild highlighters are different in their application. While they may look similar, when swatched, the Maybelline rainbow highlighter comes off as a light blue tone.  Meanwhile the Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow rainbow highlighter, when swatched, was a light green tone.

While the Wet n Wild highlighter may be the closest comparison to the Maybelline rainbow highlighter, they both are different and work well on their own. Both are pigmented, but Wet n Wild’s rainbow highlighter may need two coats when applying, in order to get a nice glow.

As for Maybelline’s purple highlighter, it is true to color. While the pan features four different shades of purple, the highlighter when swatched, is a beautiful lavender shade. The pigment in the highlight is amazing, and a little bit of product can go a long way. Under lights, the purple highlighter definitely glows.

If you are highlighter lover, then the Maybelline Master Fairy Highlights are ones to have in your collection. Whether you’re someone who looks to have a dramatic glow or like to go for a very subtle look when applying highlight, keep these highlighters in mind. These Maybelline highlighters can provide plenty of highlight with little product, but they can also be built up and give off that dramatic highlight without looking too caked up. Best part, these highlighters would not burst any budget, as they each sell for under $10. They’re definitely keepers.


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